about the post-modern prometheus

The Post-Modern Prometheus is a unique episode of The X-Files as it is shown in black and white to match the classic monster theme of the episode. Even the way it is shot and set, follows the classic monster movie theme.

The episode begins when Mulder is contacted regarding a woman's unusual experience and resulting pregnancy... They travel to a small town with very unique characters.

They learn that there is a mutated creature sneaking into homes to be close to other people. They do not realize at first that the supposed monster is truly something much more complex.

Throughout the investigation Mulder and Scully learn of possible leads, following them to various ends. They also make a few enemies in the process.

In the end, they solve the case, but with an unacceptable ending, that Mulder decides to change...

Gillian Anderson ... Dana Scully
David Duchovny ... Fox Mulder
John O'Hurley ... Dr. Pollidori
Pattie Tierce ... Shaineh Berkowitz
Stewart Gale ... Izzy Berkowitz
Chris Giacoletti ... Booger
Chris Owens ... Mutato
Dana Grahame ... Reporter